Welcome! Thank you for joining our online platform.

We started this platform to bring Luv Yourself and Yogaia online during the Covid 19 closures. The desire to create an online platform for the studio has been a goal for a long-time, so we took the closure as an opportunity to turn lemons into lemonade.

Given that Luv Yourself only holds about 10 people maximum, our hope is offer a lifestyle yoga offering that is both holistic and mindful, We also want to make it available and affordable to more people. In the US, yoga is seen as a physical practice. Our goal is that yoga is a form of healing integrating both Ayurveda and Tantra into our teachings, we hope to take you on a deep journey into love which is the highest energy, frequency and vibration.

The initial recordings are through Zoom. In the months ahead, we plan to have future yoga classes pre-recorded to control for sound, lighting and audio.


Classes will be available for viewing LIVE or in our Private Facebook Group for replay Monday through Sunday each week. Each Monday, classes will be replaced with the upcoming week's classes.


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  • Password: 450873
  • If you have problems registering, please email us at [email protected] or text us at (502) 419-4725
  • Join class 10 minutes prior to the start of class. You must be admitted into class, so if you do not join prior to class, you will NOT be admitted after class starts!!!


Please do not invite guests for FREE to the online LIVE classes. You are on the honor's system. We have worked hard to make this membership platform affordable, so we invite you to extend the invitation to friends/family to join this platform, click here! If an uninvited guests tries to join they will be not admitted and blocked from future classes, so let's keep this space fair for all.


Any person with a known medical condition should always consult with a physician before engaging in a yoga practice.

Women who are pregnant or menstruating (on their first three days of their cycle) should avoid the Breath of Fire and inverted yoga positions, or anything where the feet are above the navel. Instead you can breath deeply or take child's pose. Above all else honor your body and find healing.